Underwhelmed with the way you manage your events? cue does it better.

If you are in the event planning community (DJs, Wedding Planners, Photographers, Venues, etc) you are likely as frustrated as I am with the current crop of tools out there to plan your events. To add to the frustration you are likely using one, two, three, or even more tools to help manage all the aspects of your events, to your financials, your communications. There is a better way to do this.

cue is the next-generation web-based platform of tools for the event industry, built by someone in the event industry, to help manage not only events, but to help manage your business more simply and effectively.

There is a way to jump on to some tremendous savings, and that is to subscribe to a lifetime subscription. For $450 (a normal yearly subscription charge) you can gain access to the platform early on, have access to early releases, and pay one simple fee for access, forever*.

* Forever would be limited to a collapse of the the thermal output of the sun, a extinction-level event rock impacting the earth, and other unforeseen circumstances that ceases things to exist. 

cue Essentials (now in Alpha release)

The name Essentials is a bit deceiving because it’s really a very feature-rich application from the start. From being able to visually see where you are with your clients and events to being able to get contracts signed, Essentials can help to transform your business. And all of this will be for FREE. And we are not talking a limited amount of events, but you can now acquire a set of powerful tools to run your events and your business, for FREE.


Business Discovery
Quickly find and add event professionals.


Step Progress
Visually see where you are in every event

add events

Adding New Leads
Quickly add leads without the headaches


Contracts and Invoices
Manage all your contracts and invoices

cue Premium

Imagine having everything you need under a single pane of glass. This is the mission of cue Premium, to reduce the amount of time for you to get things done while giving you unprecedented insight into your company’s workings. Save money, time, and effort by investing into cue Premium.


Business Health
A dashboard that gives you real insight

Converged Timeline

Converged Timeline
Q&A forms + timeline keeps it simple


Finite control to keep everything going 


Deep Analytics
Discover what makes your business tick

cue is currently in the middle of development with an Alpha version already completed. Be part of the group of people that has pledged $450 for a lifetime membership and take advantage of this tremendous opportunity. 


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Big things are happening at cue. Get informed on the latest milestones, early releases, and everything leading up to launch.

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