Announcing cue Essentials

by | Aug 9, 2021 | Blog, Essentials | 0 comments

Today, software developer eCUEity announced the production launch of cue Essentials, a free, web-based event management and small business automation application designed initially for the event planning community.

cue Essentials brings together a powerful suite of small business development, financial planning, lead and event management, and proposal and contract generation tools into a free, easy-to-use application that lets DJs, wedding planners, photographers, and other event vendors focus on their core activities and grow their businesses.

“Working as a DJ in the event industry, I found that as my business grew, day-to-day administrative tasks and organizing were taking up more of my time, which took me away from continuing to grow the business”, noted cue Founder Lou Paris. “And as I spoke to other vendors, I found that they were experiencing many of the same pain points I was. So I decided to bring my experience as a DJ, a small business owner, and a software developer together to come up with something better. That something better is cue.”

cue Essentials is entirely free to use, with no limits on number on the number of events, client records, or time. cue Premium, a subscription-based enhancement of the cue application, will launch the fourth quarter of 2021, with packages and pricing to be announced. A limited number of Premium Lifetime Memberships are available for early adopters for a one-time payment of $450.