cue Essentials 0.8.0 (Alpha) is released

by | Apr 24, 2021 | Blog, Essentials | 0 comments

As I had promised I didn’t want to flood posts and emails without substance and purpose. But now we have some big news and I wanted to keep everyone abreast on what is going on, and what to expect.

For a quick recap of 2020, we started off the year with a product rebranding effort changing from eCUEity to cue, simplifying how to spell and remember the brand. From there we had a successful financial campaign to obtain the code that the previous development company was holding. We were also very lucky to have brought on two part-time developers here in the US to review what the previous work had been done and how we were to move forward starting back in July.

So where are we now? Well a lot of the previous work was deemed problematic and even broken and had to be rewritten or required significant changes. This has been a very extensive effort resulting in >50% of the original code either changed or rewritten entirely. This was more effort than was originally realized.

The good news is cue Essentials Alpha is live and we will be opening the doors to our testers to give everything a good once-over and ensure there are no major bugs or missing items. From there, cue Essentials beta will be open to the public!

As a refresher there are going to be two levels of access. cue Essentials will represent an entry level option for those migrating from paper, spreadsheets, or desire simple management of their events. cue Essentials includes:

  • A “claim your business” model where we have pre-populated tens of thousands of existing businesses into the system. If your business exists, you simply claim it like you would with Yelp or Google or if it’s not in there you just enter in your business and you are ready to go.
  • A very easy to use layout that works on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices.
  • Ease of entry to get your events in the system. You don’t have any specific required fields if say you get a lead with only a first name, or just a phone number. It’s very important to enter in every lead you get to get a better sense on how your business is doing
  • Visually knowing where you are with a stepped progress meter inside an event
  • A global vendor and venue directory that will make things much easier to keep things up to date
  • An event hud to indicate important metrics like revenue, event date, time to arrive
  • A financial ledger, notes, appointments, task, mileage tracking

Once we know that Essential beta is stable and address any immediate bugs we have a couple enhancements we want to do to Essentials and then it’s onward to working on Premium features. And Premium is going to be chock-full-of solutions to help your everyday management of your events and your business in a far deeper capacity. There is a lot that will be in store for Premium in the coming years. For the first major release of Premium we have planned:

  • Automation of workflow
  • Combined timeline + forms

As a reminder there are a limited amount of lifetime memberships that are being offered to jump on early to cue Premium. Now is the time if you want to get on a tremendous deal of $450.

It’s been a journey and I thank everyone who has believed in the platform!