cue Essentials 0.8.1 is released

by | May 24, 2021 | Blog, Essentials | 0 comments

We have been hard at work collecting the feedback from the early testers and we have a new batch of updates that is now live on cue Essentials. This includes:

  • Added venue types: hotel and resort
  • Added event types: trivia, game show, bingo, nightclub, college party
  • Added additional social media entries in business profiles
  • Removing add image to new vendors and venue (only business owners can do this)
  • 500 link error fixed
  • Entering in a blank data event produced a 500 error
  • Reset password repaired
  • Extended lengths to event names
  • Extended name descriptions to package details
  • Capitalization correction in business names
  • Event HUD reflects contract value, TBD if not entered
  • Email company image URI repaired
  • Breadcrumb wrong URI repaired
  • Hiding discount if not applied to client

This is all in effort to make a superior solution for all event professionals. We can’t wait for the next series of updates!