cue’s Easy Client Payments!

by | Jan 13, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Yep this one has been in the churn for a bit, but it’s finally here. cue now has the ability to process payments by integrating PayPal and Stripe into the interface. This now allows your clients to be able to simply click a button and process payments for your events.

So let’s deep dive into what it does and how it works for everyone.

Before We Begin

Note that cue’s payment system is only available for cue Premium subscribers. If you are an Essentials customer you can choose to upgrade your experience and take advantage of these great features.

Business Configuration

In order to start to accept payments head on over to the admin view and scroll down to the Financial section of the page. You will see “Payment Gateways” listed.

Client Payments

We have worked with the API connections with PayPal and Stripe for client payment processing. This allows Premium users to accept all major credit cards, EFT, Venmo, and other payment methods. Additional payment systems will be added as the platform grows. Client payment functions are included in Client Portal.

The payment modal keeps it simple for clients to pay

Inside the client view they will be presented with the following options to make a payment.

  • A retainer amount dynamically filled from your event’s retainer value. This becomes hidden when the retainer is paid in full.
  • A full amount showing the total balance of the event.
  • A remainder amount which subtracts any currently applied payments. This only becomes visible when one or more payments are made.
  • A custom amount that the user can designate the amount applied.

When the client clicks pay it will bring those amounts to your selected payment gateway of choice and process those payments. cue does not charge any fees for the processing of payments on our platform. However any fees declared by your payment gateway will be applied to your event.

Automatic Fee Posting

Any fees that are charged by your chosen payment gateway is automatically recorded as an expense for that event. Remember these processing fees are generally tax deductible and keeping this information in-platform makes everything just a bit more easier to manage.

cue Just Keeps Getting Better

This is another installment of major enhancements and improvements to the cue platform. And there is so much more to come.