Refining the investor pitch

by | Dec 18, 2019 | Blog | 0 comments

Last night (which happened to be my birthday) I completed a 3-Month startup accelerator program with Accel7, culminating into a whole lot of introspection of my company and refining of my pitch to investors and professionals. I may look extra intense here taking Q&A after my pitch, but I think it just reflects my passion and dedication to getting eCUEity (now rebranded as cue) to everyone.

In the past couple weeks I have added more Lifetime Subscribers which the more people see the value to adopt the platform, the more enticing it is to the big money investors to get that confidence to write the big checks.

$450 is the equivalent of one year of subscribing to the premium product, and you get that forever. It’s an incredible bargain for those that know that there is an easier way to manage your business and your events.