When Will cue Have A Client Portal?

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We’ve heard this asked again and again in our regular cue&A sessions, at our expo booths, and in online chats; when will cue have a client portal? It is the number one feature users have asked for, and the biggest pain point for people looking to upgrade to cue. And with the latest release of cue the answer to that question is “now”. 

If you’d prefer just the highlights you can jump to our ever expanding changelog here. Otherwise, let’s jump into these new features.

Before We Begin

Any clients that were issued a link to a contract and that has not been converted as a client will be sent the client login email listed below. This will be the updated way they will access their contract to sign.

Client Logins

The new client experience naturally starts with the login. If a client does not have a cue login, they will be greeted with a verification step in their email to confirm their identity when a contract is dispatched. Once they click that a password setting page is served up for the user to save.

If a client happens to have a login on the system, and they are sent a contract, they are just given a link to view the contract. cue already knows they have a login and skips the unnecessary steps.

The client invitation to establish an account

When a client sets their password they are then greeted with a profile page to ensure their information is correct. This is a pretty critical piece to ensure that the contract information they sign has their most accurate information available.

The client user profile

Once the client is verified and they’ve confirmed that their information is up to date, they can view and sign their contract.

Client Portal

Once the contract is signed and returned, the client gains access to a portal that will look very familiar to you, because the client portal shares the same DNA as the business portal. This will allow you to guide the client if they have any questions on how to get to places. And we hope that getting to those places are very simple and straight forward to find.

As of this release they will see inside an event:

  • The Heads Up Display showing them the very top level items
  • Event progression to show them where they are in the process.
  • Timeline and any ancillary documents you have added into Dropzone
  • All contracts associated with the event

And so much more…

The Client Portal has a extremely familiar look here

The client lThe client login and portal is available for ALL Essential and Premium subscriptions.

Client Payments

We have teamed up with PayPal for client payment processing. This allows Premium users to accept all major credit cards, EFT, Venmo, and other payment methods. Additional payment systems will be added as the platform grows. Client payment functions are included in Client Portal.

The payment modal keeps it simple for clients to pay

Client Payments are available with a Premium subscription pending final verification and approval by PayPal.

Event Request Form

In addition to the client-facing features of cue, we’ve developed an Event Request Form to ease the entry of events into cue. Inquiries submitted via this form will be entered into a new “Inquiries” module, from which Premium users can choose which events to add to your schedule.

We’ve also taken the time to create some advanced logic in your request form. You can choose to respond with either a default or a custom “unavailable” autoresponder if you are not available on the requested date. Your availability is managed by the settings in your admin preferences module, and you can decide to bypass this unavailable response if you prefer.

All you have to do is copy your unique link to a button or text link on your website, and it will go to this form. The form also has customizable attributes like text, background, and button colors to maintain your website’s design, and your logo brought into the form from your cue account to ensure they know who they are inquiring about.

Finally, we have implemented Google CAPTCHA technology on the Event Request Form to minimize spam.

The Event Request Form is available with a cue Premium subscription.

cue Just Keeps Getting Better

This is another installment of major enhancements and improvements to the cue platform. And there is so much more to come.