cue vs. Gigbuilder

A cohesive design, built-in templates and workflows, mobile access, and so much more. Let’s dive into the reasons to choose cue to manage your leads, your events, and your business over Gigbuilder.

Gigbuilder vs. cue

Welcome to the 21st Century

Let’s be honest Ggibuilder has been around for a while and even though it’s gotten a facelift it still is the same tech underpinings. Even with “modern updates” it’s fallen behind the times. cue creates not only a modern look but a cohesive experience for you and your clients out of the gate.

Mobile, Desktop, Tablet. It just works.

From the very start a choice was made that helps every DJ and client in using cue, responsive design. In more simpler terms cue is 100% usable on phones, tablets, and desktops. No more pinch, zooming, side scrolling, and desperately trying to navigate your platform if you need to access it on a mobile device. Every feature, every function, it’s all made to work on any modern browser on any modern platform.


Manage time in a new and efficient way.

In DJ Intelligence collecting form and time information is pretty kludgy. cue redefines this experience as a single combined timeline, forms for each section, and a music picker as an all-in-one solution. Keeping it all simple and powerful.

Simple automation from the start.

Jump into the experience with cue Premium with an out-of-the-box template from beginning to end. Or adjust each of these templates to give you a unique experince for your clients.


Visually see where you are in an event.

With cue you can visually see where you are throughout the lifecycle of your events. A step progress meter shows you exactly where you are in process and that very progress meter is tied directly in with the automation tools for a simplified experience.

Over 100k businesses seeded into the platform.

One of cue’s unique, user-focused features in our database of more than 100,000 vendors and venues. Which means most likely when you sign up for cue you’ll find your business in our system, ready to be claimed. Similar to Yelp! or Google Maps, once you’ve claimed and updated (or added) your business to our database, you are visible to the rest of the cue-munity of event professionals. Hyber-crowdsourcing for the entire industry.

Venue Search

Venue information like you’ve never seen.

Speaking of crowdsourcing and cue, let’s talk about Venue Intelligence, cue‘s exclusive feature where you and other event pros can share critical information about venues. Knowing what to expect at a venue means you can properly quote an event before a site inspection, and know what potential obstacles to be prepared for when you get there, such as stairs, a challenging local noise ordinance, limited power points, and more. 

Unlimited employee access.

cue simply charges by the business, not by the employee seat. Save money on gaining access to your platform with one flat rate. Also by design you are already added as employee #1 of your company.

Venue Search

A completely FREE tier,
or add in the kitchen sink.

cue‘s Essentials access provides a cornucopia of tools for FREE. A built in contract, proposals, lead tracking, and more are provided to you at zero cost. And if you are ready for more it does not cost much to enable all of the cue Premium features.

Designed by an active mobile DJ. Shaped by you.

Lou Paris is not only the founder of cue, he is customer #1. As an active wedding DJ in the Hudson Valley region of New York, he understands it’s absolutely critical to have a working knowledge of processes and performance day in and day out. More importantly, the mission of cue is to listen to our users and their experiences, taking the best ideas and incorporating them into the platform. This is a collective effort to make cue the best damn event management platform available.

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