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Whether you are just getting into the DJ business and looking to schedule your first gig, or you’re an experienced professional, cue can help you run your business more efficiently, and make you more competitive. Our cue&A is meant to answer some of the common questions we get from event professionals looking to take control of their businesses.

What is business automation software?

Business automation software is a suite of applications designed to help you manage the repetitive, day-to-day task of your business. Also known as Enterprise Resource Planning software, these platforms can – after some initial setup – handle key business functions, such as:

  • Proposals and contracts
  • Billing and Payment processing
  • Marketing
  • Content management
  • Workflow management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Business Intelligence
  • Analytics
    Why does my event business need automation?

    If you’re a wedding DJ, wedding photographer, wedding planner, or anyone in the event industry, your business is spinning record, taking pictures, and providing your clients with memorable experiences, not writing contracts, tracking mileage, or following up on invoice. Business automation takes many of these tedious, but important tasks of running a business, and handles them for you.

    What should I look for in a business automation app?

    Ideally, a good business automation app will combine all of the administration, accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), event management software (EMS), and other non-creative functions of your business into a single platform. A better business automation app will allow those functions to work together to create efficiencies in your workflow. The best business automation apps will take that divergent data, and use machine learning and deep analytics to give you a comprehensive picture of the health of your business, where the growth opportunities are, and where resources can be better utilized.

    cue does this.

    How "free" is cue Essentials really?

    Like free-free. Which is why we don’t offer a free trial.

    Our competitors provide some version of restricted access for a limited time before requiring a paid account to continue access to your business data. cue Essentials is completely free-to-use, with no time limits, event limits, or revenue restrictions. Just everything you need to organize and run your business better.

    For free.

    And what about cue Premium?

    When launched later this year, cue Premium will be available for $49/month.

    In addition to all of the features of Essentials, Premium adds additional automation tasks, a client portal, templates, convergent timelines, a business dashboard, and sophisticated analytics. Cue Premium will be the most comprehensive platform for running your business in the event industry.

    What happens to my data if I upgrade to cue Premium?

    Since cue Essentials and cue Premium are the same platform, so the short answer is “nothing”.

    The longer answer is, your data is your data, and it is there from the moment you create your free account. A subscription to cue Premium unlocks a next level of sophisticated analytics and business intelligence tools, allowing you to slice and dice your data, and to make the best decisions for your business.

    Because cue Essentials and cue Premium are different levels of the same platform, you will be able to these more advanced tools to look at your historic data going back to the creation of your account. Conversely, should the business need arise for you to downgrade from cue Premium to cue Essentials, the platform will continue to track everything you are doing, and you can resume using the advanced tools of cue Premium by reactivating your subscription.

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