cue Changelog

Version (beta) – Released 2024.07.03

  • Implemented CircleCI into development workflow
  • Applied fix for retainer overdue bug
  • Added additional mobile element display fixes

Version (beta) – Released 2024.05.30

  • Added additional checks to ensure only one primary client can be selected
  • Additional filters applied to ensure HUD calculation is only to active contracts
  • Fixed global search issue on mobile devices
  • Changed truncation of client names to full first name, last initial
  • Corrected yearly event counts to active & pending events

Version – Released 2024.05.14

  • Added AUD$ as a currency option
  • Truncates First or Last client names if it is too long
  • Added Mortgage, Rent, & Lease financial categories
  • Added Eventective as a lead option
  • Allows 60 characters for vendor names
  • Repaired variables to include the contract_sign_invite_link in the body of a template
  • Repaired variables to include proposal_content in the body of a template
  • Removed second client in contract due to long names blowing the design of the contract
  • Added venue address to contract
  • Added logic to display multiple venue names and addresses to contract
  • Fixed bug where company name may not display properly in contract
  • Fixed arrival time in timelines which would sometimes revert to UTC time
  • Fixed year dropdown bug in event filters
  • Fixed calculation bug for contracts in overwritten conditions
  • Added event count in year dropdown
  • Fixed some CSS formatting issues
  • Fixed capitalization bug for emails at signup
  • Fixed an existing client mismatching of phone or address
  • Fix length of large questions in timelines issues
  • Fix occasional 500 errors that timelines can generate from a ID mismatch
  • Fix hyperlink issues on some WYSIWYG views
  • Fixed bug on attaching some document types
  • Fixed stage availability bug
  • Resolved issue with some automation email templates not saving
  • Removed phone and email requirements for manually adding clients in events
  • Applied new zip-code multi-city checks in user profile pages

Version – Released 2023.01.27

  • Resolved an issue where some clients would receive emails in workflows when they should not have
  • Resolved an issue where sending some contract sends were resulting in an undefined error
  • Resolved some HUD calcululation errors would display incorrect sums
  • Fixed a bug for some Stripe user connections
  • Fixed a bug where PayPal disconnects were timing out
  • Additional layer to toggle email automations
  • Various migration fixes

Version 0.9.7 – Released 2023.01.11

  • Refactor of codebase and update of database
  • Added Stripe in Payment Gateway
  • Fixed bug with some PayPal connections not completing in Payment Gateway
  • Fixed client mapping for proposal and contract emails
  • Fixed bug in new account signup page
  • Added ability for multiple city selection in zip code lookup
  • Fixed overdue payment email issue
  • API enabling for future efficient design and external data exchanges
  • Various migration fixes

Version – Released 2022.10.09

  • Fixed a financial miscalculation in the Heads Up Display inside of events
  • Fixed a display bug on payment entries
  • Applied additional back end enhancements

Version – Released 2022.02.28

  • Fixed case sensitive client email check
  • Fixed footer issue randomly blocking submit button

Version 0.9.6 – Released 2022.02.25

  • Added client portal
  • Invitation system to include existing post-proposal client into client portal
  • Added client payments with PayPal gateway (pending PayPal approval)
  • Added external event inquiry form with visual customizations and unavailable alert message
  • Added ability to bypass unavailable alert
  • Added inquiry module to vet external inquiries prior to adding to events
  • Added print to PDF option for timelines
  • Added ability to deactivate contracts no longer valid
  • Fixed sorting bug in financial models to force sort-by-date
  • Fixed venue search bug displaying incorrect event types for some businesses
  • Fixed arrival time HUD bug in some events
  • Fixed inability to attach PDF to payments
  • Fixed date format bug on editing existing payments

Version – Released 2021.01.21

  • Added amount paid and total in event financial HUD. Block turns red when > 7 days past due.
  • Fixed proposal calculation bug in certain combinations of discounts
  • Fixed year sorting bug in events listing
  • Added logged in employee name to post contract email

Version – Released 2021.01.13

  • Added hiding of the discount field when = $0
  • Fixed issue with booking confirmation automation not dispatching for some users
  • Fixed issue with discount calculations applying incorrectly post-contract signing
  • Fixed issue of editing owner user inside the employee panel

Version – Released 2021.12.24

  • Fixed issue of adding an event-specific expense in the main register (timeout issue)
  • Fixed event_name variable not displaying in meeting email
  • Fixed CSS line heigh issue in indented/lists emails
  • Fixed social_links listing email in thank you email

Version – Released 2021.12.16

  • Retooled payment overdue automation
  • Fix for custom price calculations while converting to contracts

Version – Released 2021.12.09

  • Added maximum events per day
  • Added warning on add events if one has exceeded that maximum event threshold
  • Added a date field in proposals if no date was originally entered or added for event
  • Added price per hour vs. flat rate in packages
  • Added setup duration in packages. This is then calculated in contract.
  • Requires positive amounts in packages, add ons, contracts, and proposals
  • Addition label that OT hours are input at an hourly rate
  • Resorting of the admin section to account for sequence of initial inputs needed
  • Fix for one-time venues added in the contract stage
  • Fix for the click-area for venues, vendors, and clients
  • Fix for deposit and payment visibility in contract links
  • Fix for editing in WYSWIG mode
  • Fix for broken HUD arrive/start/stop time in some events
  • Fix for duplicate proposal HTML if proposal is cancelled while being authored
  • Fix for automations not running for some users
  • Fix for static header fields in contracts
  • Correction of the word “lodging” in the base contract
  • Automation jobs have been shortened to run every 5 minutes from every 10 minutes
  • Added variables total_remaining and deposit_remaining added to final payment and contract reminder automations
  • Added additional power distance options in Venue Intelligence
  • Venue Intelligence display updates
  • Added additional venue types: Bar, Club, Industrial, Restaurant
  • Added additional event type: Silent Disco
  • Added additional lead sources to have Expos (In-Person and Virtual)

Version – Released 2021.11.20

  • Automation Page Refactor
  • Disallow manual type of venue in contract
  • Help link to user manual added

Version – Released 2021.11.15

  • Event listing tweaks for mobile
  • Bug fixes for event stages
  • Bug fixes for timeline display
  • Bug fixes for contract appending
  • Bug fixes for non-default client link
  • Bug fixes for breadcrumb return to current event
  • Bug fix for mobile display out-of-visibility for adding timeline fields
  • Tweaks to email templates
  • Addition of applying timeline in event if one is not assigned at event creation
  • Addition of warning if date has a potential booking conflict
  • Modification of leads intro email to stage change
  • Modification of leads intro loop to include 3 days
  • Inclusion of the N/A stage to not begin lead automations

Version 9.5.0 – Released 2021.11.12

Premium Launch

  • Timelines – Combining an event timeline, forms, and a music picker in one tool
  • Timeline Templates – Availability of Reception, Ceremony & Reception, Ceremony, and General Timelines
  • Automations – Automations of leads and event management including initial, loop, and final emails
  • Automation Templates – Email templates for automations
  • Text Editor for Emails, Custom Contracts, and more with system variables

Core Enhancements

  • Ability to delete clients and removal of clients upon event deletion
  • Addition of social hashtags for the event
  • Addition of social media links for clients
  • Improvements on mobile view of event listing
  • Color indicators for event stage
  • Addition of filters on event listing and financial listing
  • Addition of quantities in proposals & contracts
  • Baseline contract functionality enhancement
  • Pagination of event listing set at 25
  • Addition of Intrusion Protection monitoring

Version 0.9.4 – Released 2021.10.06

  • Improvement for email dispatching through a new mail service
  • Default CC on contract and proposals dispatching
  • Contract signed confirmation
  • New business flag to indicate business is closed
  • Requirement to put in package hours to ensure proper OT calculation
  • Ability to indicate a “One Time” venue so they do not populate in global venue search
  • Fix display issue of reporting duplicates on mobile platforms.

Version – Released 2021.09.16

  • Improved visualization and workflow to add or change a default client

Version – Released 2021.09.16

  • Improved visulazation and workflow to add or change a default client
  • Added Dropdown Event Filter for “All – Active”

Version 0.9.3 – Released 2021.09.08

This represents a number of roll ups and hot fixes to cue since the last release

  • Ability to edit initial contact date, sent proposal date, and contract signed date
  • Fixed missing OT rate variable in the base contract
  • Fixed background display on Venue Intelligence on mobile displays
  • Fixed slugging bug for venues
  • Added additional notes field in Venue Intelligence

Version 0.9.2 – Released 2021.08.10

This represents a number of roll ups and hot fixes to cue since the last release

  • Fixed bug on the global search and some links to business objects
  • Added additional checks and improvements on editing the master business email
  • Fixed bug on editing existing mileage entries
  • Increased character limits on notes entries
  • Fixed image rendering on dispatched welcome emails

Version 0.9.1 – Released 2021.08.02

  • Client Management (business side)
  • Lead Source Categories and Sub Categories
  • OT Hourly Rates with auto-calculation
  • Set default final payment date to 30 days prior to event
  • Ability to report suspected duplicates when searching for vendors or venues
  • Potential duplicate trapping while new vendors and new venues
  • Ability to edit core event info from listing or inside event details
  • Randomization of URLs (aka slugging) of all major components
  • Seeding of >100k vendors and venues
  • Improved visualization of approved proposals and contracts
  • Added British Pounds (£) to financial format
  • Added common company social tags
  • Setting the default stage to Lead on entering
  • Centralized logging
  • Various bug fixes

Version 0.8.3 – Released 2021.06.17

  • Dropzone Document Uploading
  • Default Contract Enumeration & Updates
  • Collapsable Menu Fix in Admin
  • Modal Drop Down Fixes in Various Event Detail Sections
  • Page Title Fixes

Version – Released 2021.06.03

  • Updates to International Support
  • Removal of sorting pending recoding effort
  • Visual Tweaks and Fixes

Version 0.8.2 – Released 2021.06.02

  • Vendor Intelligence
  • International Address and Phone Support
  • Social Media Vendor/Venue Enhancements
  • Email Logo Fixes
  • Visual Tweaks and Fixes

Version – Released 2021.05.26

  • Password Reset Fix

Version 0.8.1 – Release 2021.05.24

  • Added venue types: hotel and resort
  • Added event types: trivia, game show, bingo, nightclub, college party
  • Added additional social media entries in business profiles
  • Removing add image to new vendors and venue (only business owners can do this)
  • 500 link error fixed
  • Entering in a blank data event produced a 500 error
  • Reset password repaired
  • Extended lengths to event names
  • Extended name descriptions to package details
  • Capitalization correction in business names
  • Event HUD reflects contract value, TBD if not entered
  • Email company image URI repaired
  • Breadcrumb wrong URI repaired
  • Hiding discount if not applied to client

Version 0.8 – Released 2021.04.27

  • Signup
  • Claim Your Business Model w/ “One Time” Business Entry
  • Event Management
  • Visual Progress Points
  • Event HUD
  • Events Notes, Tasks, Appointments, Mileage
  • Proposals and Contracts with Signature (static contract)
  • Global Notes, Tasks, Appointments, Mileage
  • General Ledger
  • Financial Currency Type (USD, CAD, EUR)