cue Changelog

Version 0.9.4 (Beta) – Released 2021.10.06

  • Improvement for email dispatching through a new mail service
  • Default CC on contract and proposals dispatching
  • Contract signed confirmation
  • New business flag to indicate business is closed
  • Requirement to put in package hours to ensure proper OT calculation
  • Ability to indicate a “One Time” venue so they do not populate in global venue search
  • Fix display issue of reporting duplicates on mobile platforms.

Version (Beta) – Released 2021.09.16

  • Improved visualization and workflow to add or change a default client

Version (Beta) – Released 2021.09.16

  • Improved visulazation and workflow to add or change a default client
  • Added Dropdown Event Filter for “All – Active”

Version 0.9.3 (Beta) – Released 2021.09.08

This represents a number of roll ups and hot fixes to cue since the last release

  • Ability to edit initial contact date, sent proposal date, and contract signed date
  • Fixed missing OT rate variable in the base contract
  • Fixed background display on Venue Intelligence on mobile displays
  • Fixed slugging bug for venues
  • Added additional notes field in Venue Intelligence

Version 0.9.2 (Beta) – Released 2021.08.10

This represents a number of roll ups and hot fixes to cue since the last release

  • Fixed bug on the global search and some links to business objects
  • Added additional checks and improvements on editing the master business email
  • Fixed bug on editing existing mileage entries
  • Increased character limits on notes entries
  • Fixed image rendering on dispatched welcome emails

Version 0.9.1 (Beta) – Released 2021.08.02

  • Client Management (business side)
  • Lead Source Categories and Sub Categories
  • OT Hourly Rates with auto-calculation
  • Set default final payment date to 30 days prior to event
  • Ability to report suspected duplicates when searching for vendors or venues
  • Potential duplicate trapping while new vendors and new venues
  • Ability to edit core event info from listing or inside event details
  • Randomization of URLs (aka slugging) of all major components
  • Seeding of >100k vendors and venues
  • Improved visualization of approved proposals and contracts
  • Added British Pounds (£) to financial format
  • Added common company social tags
  • Setting the default stage to Lead on entering
  • Centralized logging
  • Various bug fixes

Version 0.8.3 (Alpha) – Released 2021.06.17

  • Dropzone Document Uploading
  • Default Contract Enumeration & Updates
  • Collapsable Menu Fix in Admin
  • Modal Drop Down Fixes in Various Event Detail Sections
  • Page Title Fixes

Version (Alpha) – Released 2021.06.03

  • Updates to International Support
  • Removal of sorting pending recoding effort
  • Visual Tweaks and Fixes

Version 0.8.2 (Alpha) – Released 2021.06.02

  • Vendor Intelligence
  • International Address and Phone Support
  • Social Media Vendor/Venue Enhancements
  • Email Logo Fixes
  • Visual Tweaks and Fixes

Version (Alpha) – Released 2021.05.26

  • Password Reset Fix

Version 0.8.1 (Alpha) – Release 2021.05.24

  • Added venue types: hotel and resort
  • Added event types: trivia, game show, bingo, nightclub, college party
  • Added additional social media entries in business profiles
  • Removing add image to new vendors and venue (only business owners can do this)
  • 500 link error fixed
  • Entering in a blank data event produced a 500 error
  • Reset password repaired
  • Extended lengths to event names
  • Extended name descriptions to package details
  • Capitalization correction in business names
  • Event HUD reflects contract value, TBD if not entered
  • Email company image URI repaired
  • Breadcrumb wrong URI repaired
  • Hiding discount if not applied to client

Version 0.8 (Alpha) – Released 2021.04.27

  • Signup
  • Claim Your Business Model w/ “One Time” Business Entry
  • Event Management
  • Visual Progress Points
  • Event HUD
  • Events Notes, Tasks, Appointments, Mileage
  • Proposals and Contracts with Signature (static contract)
  • Global Notes, Tasks, Appointments, Mileage
  • General Ledger
  • Financial Currency Type (USD, CAD, EUR)


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