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Manage your events… for FREE

No gimmics, no gotchas. cue Essentials provides you with simple and powerful tools.


cue Essentials

The name Essentials is a bit deceiving because it’s really a very feature-rich application from the start. From being able to visually see where you are with your clients and events to being able to get contracts signed, Essentials can help to transform your business. And all of this will be for FREE. And we are not talking a limited amount of events, but you can now acquire a set of powerful tools to run your events and your business, for FREE.

…did I mention FREE?


Business Discovery
A centralized business database keeps it in sync


Upload PDF, Word docs, and images to events


Step Progress
Visually see where you are in every event

Financial Ledger

Financial Ledger
Track the ins and outs of revenue and expenses

add events

Adding New Leads
Quickly add leads without the headaches

Notes Tasks and Appointments

Tasks, Notes, and More
Track critical information about your events


Send easy-to-create proposals to clients


Clients sign contracts with digital signatures