a sneak peak into the future of cue

There is no doubt that cue offered a new breakthrough into event management. Simplicity to enable new users to jump right in. Power where it was needed. But what is live right now is only a taste of what is to come. We’ve been hard at work conceptualizing an even better way to manage your events. Let’s talk a little bit of detail for what lies ahead for cue.

Click on the tooltips to learn more about the features to come.

at a glance metrics about your business right on the front page

a dynamic header to give you important values of that page. in this case your TYD sales, Mo. sales, and % changes

branding for your business

a refined enterprise search

the next upcoming tasks, events, and more

a weather module so you know what you’re coming up against

a smart redesign to allow for a neutral color pallet to start or select your business colors for a distinct theme

the cue dashboard

get a heartbeat of what is really going on with your business at a glance

more details in view about new leads

see immediatly if your client has paid their retainer, final payment

event tiles

get more information about all your events at first glance.

logo, color, and banner branding

clear and concise date, location, package selection

brochure solution that you can choose to give your potential clients a welcome screen, view the proposal, sign, pay, all in one view.

clearly visable summary of your financials of the proposal

proposals redefined

a new single-view proposal solution in a streamlined brochure design that takes your client step by step through the booking process

a more informed view of your clients, venues, and vendors of the day

customizable steps in your automated workflow

smart tasks view of what last happened and your next two steps ahead.

take immediate actions on sending, skipping, and more right in the view

send any templated email to your event in one click

more power in your events

view all the details of your event in a streamlined design

your entire worklow and stages for an event

view all completed tasks and when they happened (or will happen), interrupt any future tasks, and more

smart tasks

workflows simplified. see all your tasks, automations, and more in one simple view

people management

assign roles and events to employees

equipment management

manage all your assets and assign to events

calendly integration

bring ease of scheduling with calendly + zoom

complex events

multi-spanning events or recurring events


new client logins

new passwordless access for clients

advanced reporting

get into the real nitty gritty details of your business


embedded request forms

load your request forms right into your site

import data

import critical data from competing platforms


venue intelligence v2

even more detail about the venues you go to

cue needs you

In order to get this vision to frution cue needs your help. Committing to two years, three years, or a lifetime helps to ensure the development funds to make these new features happen. Let’s all help to build the best damn event management platform on the planet.


take a year on us



buy once, stay forever


thrice is nice

three years is bliss


designed by an active mobile DJ. shaped by you.

Lou Paris is not only the founder of cue, he is customer #1. As an active wedding DJ in the Hudson Valley region of New York, he understands it’s absolutely critical to have a working knowledge of processes and performance day in and day out. More importantly, the mission of cue is to listen to our users and their experiences, taking the best ideas and incorporating them into the platform. This is a collective effort to make cue the best damn event management platform available.

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