features for days

cue is an event management platform reimagined from the ground up. let’s dive into some of the core features that makes cue unique.

any and every device; phone, tablet, or desktop

from iPhone to Android, macOS to Windows, cue’s browser-centric design is centered around a mobile experience. no app required.

laptop cue portal

a whole new way to see Timelines

collect all your information for a client right into a timeline that combines your contract arrival, start, and stop times, milestones represented as sections, and mini-forms inside each section. in short: simplifed data collection!


a new perspective with Venue Intelligence

dive into crowdsourced information about a venue you may have never been at and provide more intelligent quotes for your clients. learn more about Venue Intelligence here.


automation simplified

if you’ve never used automation tools before or if you are a pro, you’ll enjoy the simplicity of turning on a switch with default templates or customize as you need.



music picker

query millions of songs right into Timelines


client payments

credit cards + Automation = getting paid on time


print to pdf

organize your timelines and send it to PDF


request forms

smart enough to know if you’re available


client logins

cients access all their critical information



clients sign contracts with digital signatures