cue User Manual

cue Basics

Business Admin Setup

The Left Panel

The Header Panel

  • Global Search
  • Global Add

Event Management

  • Event Listing
  • Adding An Event
  • Editing An Event
  • Info Extension Panel
  • Event HUD
  • Event Progress Meter (Essentials)
  • Event Progress Meter (Premium)
  • Event Timeline
  • Event Notes
  • Event Tasks
  • Event Documents
  • Event Mileage
  • Event Expenses
  • Event Payments
  • Event Proposals
  • Event Contracts
  • Event Phone Call Logging
  • Event Appointments
  • Event Clients
  • Event Venus
  • Event Vendors
  • Event Employees


Claim Your Business

Nov 16, 2021

Registering for a cue account is a relatively easy process. There are two screens you are greeted with while registering:

1) The User Account. As you put in your information it will check the system to see if an account with your email exists. If there is a match, and you have not claimed a cue account for your business, please email so we can investigate that.

2) The Business Account.

The next step in this process is to setup your business account. By default core information will be duplicated over so please update if your main account and business resides at two different addresses. Also note that you can select multiple business types if you desire to market your services as such,.

One of the first steps to get into cue is to register your account. But cue puts a different spin on this. We have seeded in over 100,000 venues and vendors to pre-seed the database with a directory of information. When you register your account it will search through the records of the database to attempt to find a match to an existing entry and if it finds that match, it will report that match to us for approval. We want to ensure that all accounts are valid before being part of cue.