cue User Manual

cue Basics

Business Admin Setup

The Left Panel

The Header Panel

  • Global Search
  • Global Add

Event Management

  • Event Listing
  • Adding An Event
  • Editing An Event
  • Info Extension Panel
  • Event HUD
  • Event Progress Meter (Essentials)
  • Event Progress Meter (Premium)
  • Event Timeline
  • Event Notes
  • Event Tasks
  • Event Documents
  • Event Mileage
  • Event Expenses
  • Event Payments
  • Event Proposals
  • Event Contracts
  • Event Phone Call Logging
  • Event Appointments
  • Event Clients
  • Event Venus
  • Event Vendors
  • Event Employees



Nov 25, 2021

cue has the ability to add an unlimited number of employees to your business. There will be further management and features to come with cue as we ready a focus of multi-op features within cue.

When setting up your business within cue you will also be listed as an employee and can be assigned to events directly.