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Nov 14, 2021

By default, the initial event listing page will display all active listings. The first thing you will want to familiarize yourself with is the initial data points that you see in the main listing,

Picture of Event – Event Name – Event Date – Event Type – Venue Name – Stage

These are sorted by Date in ascending order. Any events entered without a date will be placed to the bottom of the listing. The initial listing will exclude those events either lost or archived.

You can select between two filters above the listing:

Event Stages; All, Active, Lead, Meet, Proposal, Contract, Booked, Planning, Preparation, Archive

Years: Any year that is currently in the display range

When entering in an event, it defaults to the N/A stage. This is critical if you are a Premium subscriber as all stages in the step progress meter engage automations.

You should also familiarize with the color scheme of cue to quickly indicate the stage of the event. There is both a side color indicator (especially relevant in mobile view) and the stage field name itself.


Leads < 14 days

Leads > 14 days

Meet < 14 days

Meet > 14 days

Proposal < 30 days

Proposal > 30 days

Contract < 30 days

Contract > 30 days

Booked / Planning / Prep



You can quickly change stages inside of the Event listing with dropdowns in each event.

You can edit an event by clicking on the event name or clicking on the three dots to the far right and click edit.

Finally there is a delete option for the event. Please note when you delete an event the clients will now be hidden off the client listing (left pane > clients). However if you attach the client to a new event the historical information can be found and linked. We do this to reduce the clutter presented to you.