cue User Manual

cue Basics

Business Admin Setup

The Left Panel

The Header Panel

  • Global Search
  • Global Add

Event Management

  • Event Listing
  • Adding An Event
  • Editing An Event
  • Info Extension Panel
  • Event HUD
  • Event Progress Meter (Essentials)
  • Event Progress Meter (Premium)
  • Event Timeline
  • Event Notes
  • Event Tasks
  • Event Documents
  • Event Mileage
  • Event Expenses
  • Event Payments
  • Event Proposals
  • Event Contracts
  • Event Phone Call Logging
  • Event Appointments
  • Event Clients
  • Event Venus
  • Event Vendors
  • Event Employees


System Preferences

Dec 8, 2021

System Preferences captures various preferences in the platform to adjust. This includes:

Date & Time Preferences

  • Timezone: The selector should automatically adjust to your time zone. If for some reason it does not please select the proper time zone to adjust your time.
  • Hour Display: You can toggle between 12-hour or 24-hour time displays

Event Preferences

Maximin Number of Daily Company Events: Setting this number adjusts the number of events you can book in one day before you are displayed a warning that you’ve exceeded the maximum number of events. This is defaulted to 1.