cue User Manual

cue Basics

Business Admin Setup

The Left Panel

The Header Panel

  • Global Search
  • Global Add

Event Management

  • Event Listing
  • Adding An Event
  • Editing An Event
  • Info Extension Panel
  • Event HUD
  • Event Progress Meter (Essentials)
  • Event Progress Meter (Premium)
  • Event Timeline
  • Event Notes
  • Event Tasks
  • Event Documents
  • Event Mileage
  • Event Expenses
  • Event Payments
  • Event Proposals
  • Event Contracts
  • Event Phone Call Logging
  • Event Appointments
  • Event Clients
  • Event Venus
  • Event Vendors
  • Event Employees


cue Essentials vs. cue Premium

Nov 16, 2021

cue is one of the pioneering platforms that offers a totally FREE platform with a robust set of tools at your disposal. But as good as Essentials is, Premium kicks it up 10 notches and combines the ease of use and power in an unprecedented offering.

And while cue is in this continuous development cycle of offering new tools for Premium, this does not mean we ignore the core offerings of Essentials.

Below is a matrix listing of the differences between Essentials and Premium

Module/Featurecue Essentialscue Premium
Login AccountsUnlimitedUnlimited
Employee AccountsUnlimitedUnlimited
Event HUDAvailableAvailable
Step Progress MeterManualAutomation Available
TimelineArrive, Start, End TimeAvailable w/ Templates
AutomationN/AAvailable w/ Templates
ContractsSingle Built-In ContractCustom Contracts Per Package
Phone LoggingAvailableAvailable
Vendor DirectoryGlobalGlobal
Venue DirectoryGlobalGlobal
Venue IntelligenceAvailableAvailable