So first, what is cue? It’s probably best to actually explain this in video form. This is an older video from when the platform was known as eCUEity, but the fundamentals are the same.

cue is a huge undertaking, creating different aspects of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Event Planning, and Business Management tools all co-existing within the same application. But great strides have already been made with a complete “from scratch” approach to development. This development process ensures maximum flexibility in offering many of the advanced features to come.

I have produced a number of walk-through videos of the early alpha currently in development. Take a few moments and check these videos out.

The sign-up process goes much further into the process, becoming a global object within the system.

The dashboard is a revolutionary approach to looking at the health of your business.

The event dashboard will smartly list out all your leads, contracts, and secured events.

Adding an event could not be easier which is important to capture everything.

Once you create an event, the header provides all the basic info at a glance.

The step progress meter simplifies and automates the process of managing your events

The timeline merges the concepts of forms and time into a single point of reference


Be it the venue, planner, or other vendor, the floorplan can be captures and shared with all

Need forms that don’t conform to the timeline? No worries. It’s covered.

So if you’ve gotten this far then you more likely than not see the value of such a system either for your business or maybe as an investment to help foster and see through the early stages of development. You can see the remaining walkthrough of the product here starting with Step 10. 

If you are interested as a business, I am offering a lifetime subscription to the platform, which will have many benefits including insight into the early releases and priority input to help shape the application with your own ideas. This is a very simple one-time $450 subscription, and that is it. Very simple!

If you are interested in an even larger investment please reach out to me at where we can have a deeper discussion of financials, development schedules, and the like. I have a slide deck for your review and can provide my business plan and 5 year pro forma.

Thank you for your time and interest.


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